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Date with Death
Back from Hell
.. til' my demons die
Souls of Black
I am what I am
Inner War
Locked In
Soilent Green

Date with Death

Music & Lyrics (C) 1998 REVENANT

I'm just a man like everybody too
Never did no wrong, but there's something new
There's something sleeping deep inside my chest
Won't get no sleep at all, won't get no rest

Refrain: Cos I got a date with death
	 till my last breath
	 I will fight until the end
	 Cos I - I'm here to stay
	 nothing's gonna change my way
	 before I die

Why am I here ?
What have I done ?
I got nowhere to hide
I got nowhere to run

Tru nights of sorrow
thru nights of pain
I ask myself "WHY?"
I'm going insane

BASTARD - you won't get me
CANCER - you won't get my soul
I won't loose control!


Now that I'm thru
I remember the time
when life was fading away
when life wasn't worth a dime
I have survived a threat never to be real
it took my strength away
but it couldn't take my will

It couldn't take my will to live!

Back from Hell

Music & Lyrics: (C) 1997 REVENANT

Relation's gone out of control
Beaking up to save my soul

Refrain: I'm back from hell
	 it's time to tell
	 what I lived thru
	 I'm back from you

I'm back from hell
it's time to tell

After years of decay
it seems like I have found my way

(Gonna) live this life together ?
(Don't know) what is worse or better ?

But what am I living for ?
Cannot stand this pain no more!


	 I'm back from hell
	 it's time to tell
	 what I lived thru
	 I'm back to you

Gonna live this life together ?
Don't know what is worse or better ?
Can you give an answer ?
Heal me from the cancer !
(Oh God, help me)

...till my Demons die

Music & Lyrics (C) 1998 REVENANT

C'mon my demons, haunt my chapel
Destroy my mind and create my own hell
I'm down by fever, I'm down by law
They make me shiver and suffer some more

Become my lover, become my hate
become my saviour, but it's too late
I'm drowning deeper, I'm drowning within
My heart's on fire, I'm ready to kill

Refrain: ...and deep within
	 the fire's alive
	 if I won't win
	 I will survive
	 Throughout the years
	 time's on my side
	 I won't step aside
	 till my demons have died

Let night surround me, let darkness conquer
Let them exploit me, but I'm still here
I rule all sorrow, I rule all pain
They'll never take me down again, no


Hell set me free, you won't get my soul
I'll never surrender before I grow cold
Release me now, it's been too long
I'm coming back to where I belong
...and here I come



Music & Lyrics (C) 1998 REVENANT

Ich lauf' herum 
in meiner kleinen Welt
und schaue mir nur an 
was mir gefällt
Am meissten ärgert mich
dass ich nicht fliegen kann
Die Erde hält mich fest
dass ich nicht fliegen kann

Ein Vogel hat die Freiheit
das sehe ich nicht ein
Drum kauf ich einen Käfig 
und sperr 'nen Vogel ein
Dann hab ich einen Traum
dass ich fliegen kann
die grenzenlose Freiheit
weil ich fliegen kann

Als Herr der Lüfte 
zieh ich meine Bahn
Durchquere den Horizont
Seh die Welt von oben an
Doch ich seh da unten 
nur Dreck und Krieg und Not
ich will da nicht mehr runter
ich seh schon meinen Tod

Ich folg 'nem Vogel
in meine Welt

Wieder in meinem Haus
der Traum ist aus
Ich gehe an den Käfig
und lass den Vogel raus
Ich seh dem Vogel nach
und komme zu dem Schluss:
Die Erde hält mich fest,
dass ich nicht fliegen muss !

Souls of black

Music & Lyrics (C) 1997 REVENANT

They have risen from the ashes
They have rolled the devil's dice
They are haunting our reason
They are devils in disguise

Bridge:	 Souls-souls of black
	 Keep coming back

Refrain: Souls of black
	 Keep coming back
	 Returning from the dead
	 Souls of black

Some were black from the beginning
Some were evil from the start
Some have never known a reason
Some have ripped themselves apart

Bridge:  Souls-souls of black
	 Return from the dead


Never found a way to exit
Never reached eternal light
Never ever find salvation
Never leave eternal night

Bridge: Souls-souls of black
	Keep coming back
	Return from the dead


I am what I am

Music & Lyrics (C) 1998 REVENANT

I know when you look at me
you think I'm lost
Don't keep on bothering me
don't try to change me at any cost
My life means freedom
don't keep me in this cell
I'm on my way
skyward to hell

Refrain: Don't try to change me
	 don't bother me again
	 Don't try to change me
	 I am what I am
	 Don't try to change me
	 don't call my name again
	 Don't try to change me
	 I am what I am

I don't fit your ideals
of wealth and might
Don't tell me what to do
don't tell me what's wrong or right
I'm not in the mood to bear 
all of your lies
Why don't you beat the street
Go, get out of my eyes



Music & Lyrics (C) 1991 REVENANT

In this world there's so much anger
so much misery and pain
Some feel happy, some feel sad
some are good and some are bad
but everyone's insane

Bridge:	Please give me shelter
	Give me shelter from the fear
	Please give me shelter
	Cos I feel the end is near

Refrain: Careless time, not worth a dime
	 Ancient rhymes tell of humanity
	 Can't you see you're never free
	 No equality in this society

Cries of tormented people
make me think about the past
about today and 'bout tomorrow
How long will unjustice last ?

Bridge / Refrain

Men are treated like abscesses
they're not asked about their minds
But that's the only way to exit
before we get totally blind

Bridge / Refrain

Inner War

Music & Lyrics (C) 1995 REVENANT

Like a servant to hatred
that rises above the law
relentless source of disturbance
exhausted in the end

Adrenalin is flowing
fallen limits free your strength
living the power to create an
incarnated judge of life and death
Chorus:	Who has the right to be ?
       	Who is the one to say ?
       	Where are the shattered dreams ?
       	What made you live this way ?

       	Remaining values fade
       	That‘s why it´s hard to see:
       	Who has the right to say ?
       	Who is the one to be ?

Shadows persecute your mind
drowning in a sea of doubts
decreasing faith, emptiness invites
the old man dies with a bitter face 



Music & Lyrics (C) 1996 REVENANT

Get no praise from no one else - spurn yourself
Condemn serenity and flee into jealousy
Deny self - confidence, that life lies in your hands
a search for evidence
A mind too blind to see, the need to be confirmed
held under lock and key

Chorus:	Indulge authority, 
	drawback all the time,
	misfit to your life
	Dominated will,
	inception of the end,
	unheard desperate cry

Although you´re aware - you don´t care
Your way of life is hell - but you can´t change
You´re misunderstood by yourself so you will die
ignorant to delight
The need to change your life cuts into like a knife
but it will end all strife


Leave the times of black - dont go back
Find a friend in yourself and someone else
Look back with different eyes, begin to realize
a kind of hate has died
A mind able to see, the need to be confirmed
is finally set free !

Locked In

Music & Lyrics (C) 1996 REVENANT

Something in his brain went wrong
now hearing, scent and sight are gone

Unable to communicate
his skull, his body is his grave
buried alive, he´s not dead yet
he´s a prisoner in the realm of helplessness

	not dark - not bright
	nothing reaches the inner side
	not quiet - not loud
	nothing left to laugh about

	not cold - not warm
	nothing can do any harm
	no pain - no pride
	nothing left he can decide

Exposure to scientific progress
an object stiffened, meaningless
biotech is like a threat
pierced by wires leading through his head
The unasked starts to realize
chips make him hear and see
but there´s no chance to move his limbs
they´re controlled another way

A man like a puppet on a string
incarnation of mankind´s dream
built to serve the highest aims
dead or alive, it´s just a game

Soilent Green

Music & Lyrics (C) 1995 REVENANT

In a world of social grievance
of starvation and decay
where food is scarce and health is poisoned
rebellion is the only way

But there is something new
a food dispensed by law
nutritious and refreshing
what the world waited for
a meal based upon seaweed
it saves their lives and makes them strong
even offered in different tastes
there´s no need to think it´s wrong

Chorus:	Soilent Green
	so far the best that has been
	Soilent Green

...and there are men
protecting law
judges of life and death
a job much too raw
they´re after unbelievers
and kill without a trace
involuntarily keep the secret
of this deadly embrace called


...and an old man prepares to die
sick of his unpretending life
the only friend that´s by his side
a hunter, a killer who lives in strife
and they wait in a chamber of death
and after the old man´s last breath
they take his dead body, they take him away
and there is nothing to do or say
but his friend will follow the dead body´s way

...and there is something wrong
a fact concealed by law
no vegetable ingredients,
no seaweed used at all
a meal based upon human flesh
dead bodies  used as food
but no one will ever know
the revealer will die for